There are countless books to read, and trying to find one that is worth your time can be rather daunting. Let our staff help you find a good option that will push you toward improving your career and personal adventures. 

If you’re someone that enjoys a good book geared towards emotional growth personally and professionally, “Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box” by The Arbinger Institute is a must read. From opening the book, until it is finished, you can’t seem to put it down.  In short, this book inspires readers to examine their own behaviors for which they are guilty of indulging in at times in the office and at home, in order to justify their own shortcomings.  At the end of the day, it’s what we do to change our attitudes and behaviors towards others that makes us better leaders, and in turn, better people.

Some of the key quotes and ideas are as follows:

  • When you know people truly care, you don’t feel threatened.
  • We, as people, often stubbornly defend the unproductive world we’ve created for ourselves.
  • We engage in acts of self-betrayal when we go contrary to how we feel we should act.
  • With self-betrayal comes a distorted view of reality (your view of yourself, others and your circumstances).
  • Your success as a leader….depends on being free of self-betrayal.  Only then do you invite others to be free of self-betrayal themselves.
  • Your influence as a leader depends on whether you’re “in the box” (in denial and self-deception) or “out of the box” (caring, self-aware, honest, open to others and their ideas).


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