As previously discussed, everyone can be a manager, but the key is being a good manager. Let’s now take a deeper look into the key attributes of being a good manager.

  • Ability to communicate skillfully – For a lot of managers the key is to just start communicating. It may seem simple enough but too many managers tend to ditch this responsibility by saying that their team members need to take more initiative. No! People need feedback and direction. Remember…each individual is different and will need a different level of communication.
  • Ability to coach employees – Have the ability to not just tell people what to do but to challenge their thinking to look at situations differently. As a manager your team is a reflection of you and it is your goal to help each team member grow successfully.
  • Ability to handle conflict easily – Most people do not enjoy dealing with conflict, but a good manager is able to handle it with quick ease. The longer conflict is left to fester the more your team will react poorly to your leadership.
  • Ability to delegate properly – No one enjoys that person who takes on all the work to get all the glory or the individual that delegates ALL their work to get out of doing anything at all. Good mangers understand how to delegate work properly to make their work load more manageable but also to give their team more opportunities for career success and progression.
  • Ability to take responsibility – As soon as you took the position as manager, you agreed to take on all responsibility of your team or project whether it was thought about or not. No matter the great achievements or great failures, it all is a reflection on you. Each manager needs to understand and be ready to face the fact that the buck stops at them and there is no getting around it.

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