Experts predict many of the recruiting trends popular in 2016 —branding, discovering untapped sources for qualified candidates, creating (or rebuilding) the candidate experience and the increase of Integrated HR technologies —will continue to resonate in 2017. Whether you are recruiting for that perfect candidate or searching for that next great job opportunity, these insights will give you a chance to better understand and navigate the recruiting industry for this coming year.


  1. Focus on Employer Branding Will Grow
  • Quality candidates are in the driver’s seat and job seekers today are very sophisticated candidates.
  • With the popularity of social media, it’s critical that companies focus on establishing and developing their brand. More and more companies are looking for ways to demonstrate why candidates should be attracted to work there.
  • Latent candidates want to know as much as possible about the prospective job, company, culture and corporate values. Recruiters must have this information at their fingertips and be comfortable having consultative-type conversations about every aspect of the job.


  1. Employers Will Broaden Their Sourcing Scope
  • Companies will take an even more creative approach to talent acquisition and hiring.
  • Experts predict an increased focus on developing talent internally and hiring for traits and motivations, instead of strictly skills and experience.
  • Companies are also increasingly looking beyond just the skills and experience candidates bring to the table, and considering what some call investment or program hiring.
  • Hiring criteria will change from —personality, aptitude and experience —it’s experience that has the most wriggle room – As long as you can identify a cultural fit, you can train a candidate to do the job.


  1. HR will Look to Repair the Candidate Experience
  • More employers are measuring candidate experience as a form of recruiter and business performance.
  • Organizations have to continue to review their recruitment processes to ensure candidates can easily find and apply for open positions.
  • Failing to keep in touch with candidates after making initial contact, a lengthy and tedious application process, and lack of engagement from recruiters during the hiring process leave the candidate feeling unappreciated and disrespected.
  • Every single candidate touch point reflects on the employer.
  • If the “candidate experience” is not positive, the world soon knows about it due to social media – highly skilled people juggling competitive offers will certainly factor their experience as a candidate into their final decision.
  • In 2017, candidates will drive the frequency and form of communication.
  • Sophisticated candidate’s regular status updates. If you can’t do that, or worse, won’t do it, you’ve already shown yourself as someone who is not an “employer of choice”.


  1. HR Technologies Will Continue to Integrate
  • Experts predict that HR technology consolidation and cross-platform expansion will continue
  • Traditional talent management platforms are starting to expand and enhance their recruiting solutions
  • Clear “Needs Analysis” is the most important consideration for organizations looking consolidate technology solutions.



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