More and more jobs in the US are being offered on a contract basis.

In fact, nearly 35 percent of today’s total workforce is comprised of temps, freelancers, contractors and statement of work-based labor. Between the autonomy, flexibility and variety, there are many good reasons to seek out contract employment as part of your search for work.


Contractors may earn more.

As a contract employee, there is more flexibility to negotiate pay packages and conditions. Although benefit offerings can vary by employer, many contractors say their hourly rate more than makes up for the lack of any employer-subsidized benefits. You may also have the ability to offset business expenses against your income and ultimately reduce your tax bill.

You have the opportunity to take on a series of different contracts in a variety of industries.

As an employee with a pre-set end date, you not only have the ability to move around from contract to contract, but you also have the opportunity to visit new cities & states while meeting new people and building your skill set and experience in a variety of roles/positions. Moving from job to job can allow you to gain a huge amount of experience, and because you are not restricted by an employer’s processes or procedures, you can advance your career in your own way. As a contract employee, you can gain greater satisfaction and return on financial investment by being in control of your skills development.

A life outside the office.

Contractors often cite an improved work/life balance as the thing they like most about their employment. Having more control over your schedule gives you the ability to travel, move, and enjoy more vacation time. You’re also your own boss. You don’t have to strive for a promotion, pay rise or time off.

Avoid workplace politics.

What matters most in a contract position is the results that you produce for the employer. Thus, you may find yourself not needing to get as involved in workplace politics. Contractors have the ability to bypass staff meetings, annual reviews and office drama, which can lead to reduced stress levels and increased job satisfaction.

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