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The No. 1 Question You Should ‘Always’ Ask at Job Interviews That Can Get You Hired ‘On the Spot’

Preparing for a job interview is tricky. As an expert career coach who has helped hundreds of people land six-figure salaries, Natalie Fisher found one of the biggest mistakes candidates make is failing to ask strong questions. Instead, they obsess over giving the right answers. But you don’t want to be the person who freezes […]

Recruiters Decide if You’ll Be a Good Hire Within Seconds – These 4 Things Will Help You Stand Out

A year into the Great Resignation, the fight to hire workers is as competitive as ever. Some recruiters have thrown out big pay raises, signing bonuses, incredible perks and gone to the extreme to close new job offers as quickly as possible. As employers go into hiring overdrive, CNBC Make It spoke with a handful […]

10 Ways to Overcome Ageism While Job Hunting During Retirement

It’s never too late to start a new job. It’s estimated that, on average, a typical American worker now has more than ten jobs over the course of their lifetime. But unfortunately, whether you’re inspired to enter a new field or want a new job after you retire, one of the biggest obstacles to re-entering the workforce can […]

Stand Out from Fellow Applicants During the Job Search & Interview Process!

When you’re filling out online job applications or emailing hiring managers, it can sometimes feel like you’re sending your information out into a black hole. With so many other qualified candidates, you may not know whether or not you’ll hear back from anyone. However, you can improve your chances with the right strategies. There are […]

10 Best Job Search Tips for the Graduating Class

May is the height of graduation season. And between high school and college, the job search market will be saturated with plenty of newly minted graduates. If you’re one of them, you might be worried about how to conduct an effective job search that lands you the right role as quickly as possible. We’ve got […]

99% of Large Companies Use Resume-Scanning Software: Make Sure Yours Beats the Bots!

There’s never been a better time to apply for a new job. Following a pandemic-induced shock to the U.S. economy and near-record highs of unemployment, job openings and wages have soared in recent months, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, one hurdle is preventing many candidates from landing their dream job: applicant […]

The One Simple Thing Equated With Career Success That Few Will Do

If you ask the most successful and admired leaders the secret to their success, you might expect them to answer with a growth hack, a way to game the algorithm, or a shortcut guaranteed to take your business to the next level. But as they’ll likely tell you, their “overnight success” is rarely that. Instead, […]

6 Tips On How To Find Your Career Path

I believe there are two types of people when it comes to career paths: the ones who are constantly moving toward their goals and the ones who are moving past them. To fit in the first and more appealing category, one might consider developing a personalized career trajectory, which is a great way of mapping […]

11 Things That Should Never Be on Your Resume After 10 Years in the Field, According to Experts

A well-written resume should actually do more than just lay out your work history. “A resume should clearly articulate why you are the perfect fit for a position,” says certified professional resume writer and online profile expert Alana Henry of The Writique. “It should be targeted to the role and the industry, and provide relevant […]