Sourcing / Candidate Identification

At RCS, our technical and professional recruiters proudly execute a comprehensive and proactive recruiting campaign. We understand that pre-screened, qualified candidates ready for employment within short notice are critical in filling positions. Using a variety of these recruiting methods allows us to remain proactive, not reactive, when searching for potential candidates.

The RCS applicant screening process ensures the individuals we recruit can carry out any task that may be assigned. All professionals we recruit have knowledge of and comply with applicable site procedures, policies, health and safety procedures, training requirements, and quality assurance guidelines and any other requirements deemed necessary. Our recruiters execute a far-reaching recruiting campaign and locate highly qualified candidates who meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of each position. See below for more information:

RCS works closely with our clients’ Human Resource and Hiring Managers to understand the ongoing initiatives and new projects for the organization. Knowledge of the location, facility, job description and technical environment enables us to find the most suitable candidate for any location. RCS verifies that each job order includes at least the following:

Job Title Location(s) of Position/Customer Facility
Project Description Detailed Description of Responsibilities
Required Experience/Skill Sets Degree/License/Certification/Requirements
Start Date Assignment Duration
Salary/Rate Work Schedule

RCS commonly provides assistance to our clients in writing and editing job descriptions. To do so, we will have a detailed discussion with the Technical Hiring Manager and Human Resources Department to develop this description.  It is critical that key responsibilities and requirements are addressed in these descriptions to ensure that we develop the right recruitment campaign and so that candidates have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities. If the position description changes at any point in the recruitment process – upon confirmation from the hiring manager – RCS will immediately communicate the changes with our recruitment organization and update online postings to ensure that all current and future candidates receive the correct information.

Maintaining an extensive, current and relevant resume database is also a vital element of our recruitment model. This ensures that when a job order is received RCS has an adequate supply of candidates to evaluate for the respective open position and is able to quickly respond. RCS can query our resume database to search for specific experience, experience level, education, geographical areas, area code, zip code, certifications, etc. This recruiting tool allows us to search for specific experience or qualifications. Our state-of-the-art Applicant System and Resume Search Database allow the identification of potential candidates within minutes. If additional candidates are needed after the internal database query, RCS then executes an extensive, multi-source campaign to identify and recruit qualified personnel. Our Applicant Tracking System also allows for point-and-click sourcing of resumes into the database to streamline the otherwise manual process of entering candidates into the system. We continue seek out new websites, social media tools and other “new outlets” that will provide RCS the edge in sourcing the best candidates.

RCS utilizes online resources and has a streamlined process in place to post, review and respond to applicants. Posting positions to these websites allows RCS quick access to our audience. Our Applicant Tracking System allows applicants to submit their resume through these websites and automatically link to the appropriate position. Each applicant receives an immediate response acknowledging receipt of resume. Within 24 hours, RCS reviews and determines a path forward for each application.

RCS has the resources in place to identify diverse and sought-after talent. In addition to our internal database, RCS utilizes a variety of internet / social media sites including but not limited to Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn. Our recruitment team receives on-going training regarding social media recruitment including strategies regarding writing / posting unique advertisements that will catch the attention of our target audience. RCS has a robust social media campaign. Our website, LinkedIn profiles and newsletters attract hundreds of candidates each month. We attend industry related tradeshows and recruiting events nationwide. RCS also targets alumni from specific schools that have excellent reputations and/or specific programs of study that are required for specialty positions. Whatever the method, we are continuously adding to our pool of resources as we see this as a necessity to providing top talent.

Once candidates are identified, the RCS Recruiters will initiate a pre-screening process.  A telephone interview will be conducted by the Recruiter to learn about the applicant’s current employment, identify the type of employment the candidate is seeking, verify the data given in the resume, obtain current salary information, and determine if there is a match to the position specifications.  Our Recruitment Team is constantly training, refining, and upgrading their recruiting skill set.

The RCS Technical Recruiters will determine whether the potential candidate meets the qualifications of the Job Order.  The Technical Recruiters will verify the candidate’s qualifications regarding specific job duties, required education, experience, required software proficiency, responsibilities, and other details relating to work to be performed.  If specified through the clients’ requirements, RCS can also set up candidates for online technical assessments, peer reviews, or other forms of skill assessment. There are many ways to assess talent and their suitability for assignment.  RCS is very flexible and will utilize the process that is determined to be the best path forward for our clients.

RCS utilizes Behavioral Screening during our recruiting calls with candidates as we understand that the best indicator of future success is past performance.  After reviewing the job description, RCS Recruiters ask behaviorally based questions designed to uncover the candidate’s experience in solving problems, handling challenges, and producing results as it relates to the position.  We also provide interview preparation material, which explains behavioral-based interviewing so that candidates are well-prepared for their interviews.

If the Recruiter has confirmed that the candidate meets or exceeds all the requirements in the position description and is interested in and available for the position as outlined in Step 3, the candidate’s resume and a summary of the skills assessment and pay rate negotiation is provided to the client. The RCS summary includes: Position Title, Candidate Full Name, Citizenship Information, Confirmed Education, Confirmed Current Salary, Availability, Per Diem Requirements (if any), Engineering Experience, Experience Summary, Clearance(s), Certifications and Professional Registrations, and any other comments. For Quality Assurance, the RCS Account Manager, the primary point-of-contact during the recruitment process, also reviews each resume and candidate summary prior to submittal and makes the final determination regarding submittal to the hiring manager.

The RCS Account Manager will work closely with our client point(s) of contact for a disposition on each applicant. Due to demand for niche engineering personnel, the timeliness of feedback is critical to successfully retaining these desirable candidates. RCS will establish a regularly scheduled teleconference meeting with the hiring manager to discuss all active candidates. To ensure that all data regarding pending candidates is easily accessible to Hiring Managers, these individuals can be granted access to the RCS Resume Database and Applicant Tracking System.

RCS will coordinate all phone and onsite interview logistics including location and time with the candidates and the hiring manager. RCS prepares the applicant for the interview.  RCS ensures the candidate has a copy of the job description, the name and title of the interviewer(s), the interview time and date and if it is an in-person interview, RSC will provide directions to the facility.

Interview Scheduling
RCS can coordinate all interview logistics including location and time with the candidates and the hiring manager utilizing Outlook calendar appointments. In our experience supporting one client, we scheduled 80+ phone interviews and 60+ on site interviews. Currently, when an onsite interview is requested by a Hiring Manager, RCS coordinates the day/time with the candidate and with the appropriate team members and provides all information required for the travel department to schedule airfare, rental car, hotel, etc.

RCS prepares the applicant for the interview.  RCS ensures the candidate has a copy of the job description, the name and title of the interviewer(s), the interview time and date and if it is an in-person interview, RCS will ensure that the candidate completes and provides all required paperwork for the interview.  We will have a thorough discussion prior to the interview to ensure that the candidate is completely prepared for all interviews.

RCS follow-ups with the candidate to obtain feedback on the interview and communicate this information via email and/or phone to the client within 24 hours following the interview.

RCS will follow-up with the candidate to obtain feedback on the interview and communicate this information via email and phone to the hiring manager after the interview within 24 hours of the interview. These candidates will also be discussed during the status meetings between RCS and the hiring manager.

RCS develops a customized onboarding process with the hiring manager to ensure all contractors and full-time staffing hires meet the standards set forth in the staffing agreement.  This is a process that RCS is very familiar with and has a long history facilitating. This includes, but is not limited to, drug testing, background checks, criminal checks and other steps for hiring.

For Direct Hire positions, RCS will extend a verbal offer to the candidate based on written or verbal direction from an authorized company Representative.  RCS will discuss the offer, benefits and applicable relocation package with the candidate to obtain verbal acceptance.  If there are follow-up questions that the candidate has, RCS will discuss these topics with the candidate; determine a target start date and follow-up for clarification on any questions.  Once approvals have been obtained and a formal offer has been prepared, RCS can provide as much assistance as needed.  RCS can send the offer directly to the candidate and negotiate on the client’s behalf or the client can work directly with the candidate. Historically, once an offer is formally accepted, the candidate has worked directly with the client’s Human Resources regarding reporting details, relocation logistics (when applicable) and pre-employment screening.  Again, RCS’ goal is to be a partner to our client; if needed, RCS can provide additional assistance where you feel it would be most beneficial.

For Temporary Workers, after RCS obtains written confirmation that the candidate has been approved for hire; RCS will extend a formal offer of employment, which will include all assignment details.  The offer of employment is extended to the candidate via email within 1 business day of receiving written confirmation of candidate selection from the client. Written confirmation should include all details required to administer employment and per diem/expenses (if applicable).  These details typically include but are not limited to: Job Title, Start Date, End Date, Straight Time and Overtime Pay & Bill Rates, Work Address, Supervisor’s Name & Contact Information, Timesheet Approver’s Name & Contact Information, Per Diem/Expense Details (if applicable) and any unique pre-employment requirements that are not addressed in the Master Services Agreement. Unless approved in writing, all pre-employment processing will be completed prior to the Temporary Worker’s start date.

Reference Checks

Upon request, RCS has the ability to complete reference checks with current and previous employers for Temporary and Direct Hire candidates.  Unless required earlier in the process, reference checks are typically completed during the pre-employment process (if required by the Master Services Agreement).  In most circumstances, references are completed over the phone.  RCS can provide written confirmation that the references have been completed or specific details of the reference responses. We can utilize our own reference questions, see” Sample Reference Check” attached, or specific questions/topics can be addressed as requested.

Background Checks & Drug Screening

Upon written receipt of approval that the Temporary Worker has been approved for the assignment, RCS will comply with and initiate Pre-Employment Processing as contractually required.  This can include Screening, Background Checks and Drug Testing, Reference Checks, Customer Policies and Security, Reporting, On Boarding, Orientation, Documentation, Certifications, Driver’s License and Insurance Verification, Customer Specific Training, Badging and any other required screenings.

The RCS Human Resources Department will ensure all necessary forms are completed and returned prior to the commencement of the Temporary Worker’s assignment.  RCS will build a customized on boarding process in partnership with the client’s existing provider using the client’s defined packages to ensure that all policies, procedures and documentation are satisfactorily completed.

Employment Verification

In order to confirm the identity and employment eligibility of all employees hired to work in the United States, RCS utilized Form I-9 and participates in the E-Verify System provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  The RCS Human Resources Department is knowledgeable of all requirements to ensure 100% compliance.  Completed I-9 documentation is retained and available for audit upon request.

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