“Let me say that I love the team there at RCS! Everyone is so great to deal with. I really appreciate you and the people there. Glad to be working with all of you.”




“I enjoy working with RCS Corporation because I get to work directly with the President. Everyone at your company is so pleasant and nice. RCS is very reasonable and provides great service.”

Client / Recruitment Lead, Engineering Services Company



“Thank you so much for the opportunity with RCS Corporation. I felt like I learned a lot which will be vital to my future career. You two are definitely the most generous and kind-hearted bosses I have ever met. I will cherish the memories I have made here. Thank you again for everything!”

Corporate Employee



“It was a privilege working with you and the RCS family. Without you guys, I would still be working at Wal-Mart. Thank you very much for everything.”




“I’m almost a month in to my new position with RCS, and I’m feeling very happy to be in this new job. RCS was a huge help in getting me to this position… I found the RCS Recruiter to be a very competent point of contact between RCS & myself. The RCS Recruiter did an excellent job of making me feel like a desired candidate, and not just a name on a resume. Overall, the interview / hiring process at RCS went much smoother than I had experienced with other recruiting / headhunting companies during my job search. Something else which stood out was the amount of effort the RCS Recruiter put in to provide me with updates and check in with how I was feeling about the process. For example, I appreciated how the RCS Recruiter would touch base with me to prepare for phone interviews, and follow up to see how they went afterwards. The RCS Recruiter has also stayed in touch after I accepted my offer, and has always answered any questions that came up – such as reporting info for my first day. Other recruiters I had interacted with would “drop off the map” after our initial contact, or after the job poster decided not to move forward with my application. I would definitely recommend this RCS Recruiters services, and RCS in general, to a friend who was looking for new job opportunities.”




“The relationships your employees build make all the difference. you have an incredible team.”

Client / Nuclear Outage Manager



“Greetings! It was Good to hear from you although it was disappointingly not the news I was hoping for. But I do appreciate you closing the loop on the disposition of this nomination. Unfortunately, many of your peers in the recruiting business are not so considerate and just leave their recruits hanging upon rejection or if the nomination process falls apart for some reason. You are a breath of fresh air in this process. Keep up the good work!It has been a pleasure working with you and RCS Corporation.”

Job Applicant



“I am writing to express my appreciation for the professional work of an RCS Corporation Recruiter.From the very beginning this Recruiter has been extremely professional, kind, personable and very responsive. The RCS Recruiter has kept me updated and informed every single step of the process and provided me with detailed guidance. The RCS Recruiter’s professional work and lovely attitude got me curious and pushed me to do some more research about RCS Corporation.This Recruiter is the primary reason I carried out a detailed research about RCS and I think this Recruiter is a great role model to the rest of the employees. I consider myself lucky for being able to deal with this RCS Recruiter during the past week and wish this Recruiter career success. Thanks to all the RCS family, especially this Recruiter and the bosses for bringing the best out of their employees and making the job search a smooth and easy to follow process.”

Job Applicant



“RCS has been a great company to work for. Any questions or problems have been resolved quickly and very professional.Great People to work with…I hope to have the good fortune to work for RCS in the future.Thanks for all the support give to me during my work tenure.”

Former Field Employee



“I can’t tell you how many times I have bragged to my co-workers about you and how well you took care of the employees and provided nothing but the best without question.”

Former Corporate Employee



“Thank you for your time and dedication with presenting this opportunity. I am very impressed with your recruiting style and thoroughness. You do an amazing job and it shows!”

Job Applicant



“Glad to consistently hear great things about RCS and the professionalism, customer service and the quality of hires.”

Employee / Senior Supplier Diversity Manager



“Thanks for always doing things the right way!”

Client / Procurement Manager



“Everybody with whom I’ve had conversation with or some interaction with during my time has have exemplified class professionalism. To find that characteristic across an organization is impressive. Somebody has done a real good job of developing that culture and that’s to be commended. I’ve worked for various contract and engineering entities and I rank RCS right there at the top. Thank you for your support over the past 3+ years, you have made my time on this assignment a pleasant and positive experience.”

Employee / Project Manager



“Christina is an amazing recruiter to work with.She is passionate, trustworthy, prompt, and incredibly helpful.She has high standards and a positive attitude, which is contagious.I was contacted by RCS for a position that impeccably matched my needs and skill set.Christina played a key role securing me the position, consistently staying in touch with me during the recruiting process, and I now have a job that I love.It provides diversity, flexibility, and growth.Christina has made such a positive impact on my life (both personally and professionally).I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Employee / Technical Writer



“My experience with RCS has been very satisfying.I could not have asked for a more smooth process working with my RCS Recruiter, Christina.Although this process moved a lot quicker than she and I both anticipated, she worked quickly and diligently to make sure that all of my paperwork was processed and all of my questions were answered.It has been one year later, and I still receive this great one on one experience with her.I have been assured over and over again that anything I need, to please address it with her as she will make sure that any concern is handled.I also would like to mention that Natasha in Payroll is a true superhero.She manages to keep everything running smoothly and that everyone’s paperwork is transmitted in a timely manner.She is a class act.From my perspective, from someone who has never worked as a contractor on a temporary assignment, I was very unsure about this whole process.I want to encourage anyone that is on the fence about doing contract work through RCS to please not hesitate.Not only has this job provided me a stable, working environment for over a year, it has also opened up more opportunity with the company that I am working for to do more contract work on other projects.I highly recommend RCS Corporation to everyone I speak to.”

Employee / Office Manager



“I was contacted by an RCS recruiter regarding a technical analyst position for an organization I had wanted to work for since graduate school. They set-up the interview, provided me with the necessary information to prepare for the interview, and checked in with me after the interview to make sure everything went smoothly. I have only been working on contract with RCS a few months now, but they have been accommodating in all my experiences thus far”.

Employee / Technical Analyst



“Allow me to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making my stay and work at on this assignment a pleasant and unforgettable experience.”

Employee / Piping Designer



“I have nothing but great things to say about RCS.RCS delivered very high quality contractors in a short time frame and were a great vendor to work with.RCS contractors and service was always top notch.”

Client / Project Manager



“Thank you so much for contacting and checking on me.Things are going fantastic!!!I couldn’t ask for a better place to be employed.As a matter of fact, on August 7, 2017 will mark my 10 year anniversaryon this assignment.I have been blessed while on my contractor journey.Thanks again for thinking of me.Your phone call meant more than you will ever know.”

Employee / Executive Secretary to the Director



“Please accept my most sincere gratitude to RCS and all of you who have given me the terrific opportunity to work as a contractor in this role.I am so thankful for being set on the path that allows me start my new role as a federal employee.Each associate of RCS has been nothing less than delightful to work with and I appreciate each of you. A million thanks.”

Employee / Technical Advisor



“Prior to being contacted by RCS Corporation I had been out of the nuclear industry for almost a year after being employed for almost eight, and I had applied to numerous positions, locally as well across the country with little feedback.From my experience, my field in the industry is smaller than most, with little turnover and less opportunities that open up.Had it not been for RCS actively mining social media (LinkedIn) and their willingness give me a chance I believe it would have taken much longer for me to get back into the industry, specifically in my field, continuing my career, and further expanding it as I am now with this unique opportunity and company.”

Employee / Quality Engineer



“I would like to share my experience with the RCSrecruiting staff.My RCS recruiter worked very hard to make sure that the contractor and myself were the best possible fit for each other. He helped me through the entire process and kept me up to date with the progress.After a successful interview and offer the RCS staffcontinued to assist me throughout the onboarding process. I am proud to be an RCS team member.”

Employee / Electrical Outage Supervisor



“Let me say how impressed I am with the ‘personnel management’ systems and processes you have in place. I find them to be absolutely superior to those I previously used. Of course, “systems’ are just ‘systems”: It is the people who operate and administer the systems that make it work (or not). I commend you for recruiting, retaining and motivating the people who make you ‘systems’ work! Please give them my thanks for all their services.”

Employee / Sr. Nuclear Safety Engineer



“Thank you for all your help this past year.It has been great working with you. You folks always make me feel so welcome.”

Employee / Consultant



“RCS takes good care of their employees”.

Employee / Senior Project Controls Engineer



“I enjoyed working with you and staff at RCS and do appreciate your degree of professionalism in being a part of my engineering job search.”

Employee / Sr. Applications Engineer



“It has been an honor and privilege to work with a fine organization such as RCS Corporation.”

Employee / Mechanical Engineer



“RCS showed professionalism in every situation fromthe in processing to the everyday activities.”

Employee / Engineering Support Specialist



“I also wanted to thank everyone at RCS for connecting me with this opportunity.It has been a pleasure working through RCS.Everyone has been friendly, professional, and thoroughly helpful.I would not hesitate to recommend RCS to anyone seeking a contract position, nor would I hesitate to contact RCS again should I ever decide to look for other opportunities in the future.”

Employee / Technical Requirements Engineer



“I want to thank everyone there for bringing me this opportunity and for the help, support, understanding, and commitment to help me succeed with this assignmentthat everyone at RCS has given. I cannot sufficiently put into words the honor it has been for me to work with everyone at RCS. It truly has been a privilege to begin this journey with RCS.”

Employee / Field Engineer



“The quality of RCS candidates in our search for the Pressure Vessel Engineer/Manager was by far the best that I have seen compared to our previous searches.As noted earlier, we have always struggled to find quality candidates in some of the niche technical areas, and the candidates presented were very strong and met the criteria that we were looking for.In the end, RCS found an engineer here within Wisconsin who was a good fit, without having to relocate someone from out of state.”

Client / Vice President of Human Resources



“Thank you for all you have done during the past seven years.”

Employee / Senior Project Engineer



“It was refreshing to meet such a well-organized recruiting agency.”

Employee / Civil/Structural Engineer



“I am grateful for this job and have been very impressed with everyone I have been in contact with from RCS.”

Employee / Purchasing Clerk



“Please know it is MY pleasure to work with someone as fabulous as you!I can’t be more sincere about that.I appreciate you and your knowledge, your style, your responsiveness – and more!”

Employee / Senior Advisor



“Thank you, it is so nice to work with a professional recruiter and top notch company. I appreciate your help and promise to make you look good.”

Client / Engineering Manager



“It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and spend some time together. Your firm and personnel are a joy to partner with and I appreciate all the help and support over the past several years. As I mentioned, I truly feel that RCS is an extension of me and my team of one. The RCS Account Executive is a tremendous asset to RCS (and me!) and I thoroughly enjoy working with her. The Account Executive is such an ambassador of RCS’s brand and truly aligns with your firm’s philosophy of listening and responding immediately. This is something very difficult to find and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Client / Vice President of Human Resources