Apps For Traveling to Your Next Contract Assignment

Did you just take a contract position in another city you know nothing about?  Do you now have to drive hundreds of miles to a strange area to work for a few months or more?  Why not make the journey to get there a little more fun?

Instead of just getting in your car and driving, plan a little extra time and see the sights along the way, eat at some out of the way restaurant and even plan some things to do on your days off once you get there.

You no longer have to rely on roadside signs to tell you what you could eat at an upcoming exit…now there’s an app for that!  Don’t get caught in a speed trap, yep there’s an app for that too!  Want to see the world’s largest ball of yarn…you guessed it, there’s an app for that!

Below are some of the many apps out there for your smartphone to help make your trip, and destination, a little more fun then just going to work.  Download some today and start your adventure!

Gogobot – Enter the city you are going to and see the top user rated places to stay, eat and play.  Plan to visit places on your trip, or find out things to do once you get to your destination.

iExit – A pitstop finder.  Tells you what’s at each exit while you’re driving on the interstate.  It lets you know what gas stations, restaurants and other facilities (banks, drug stores, grocery stores, etc) are at each exit.

Roadtrippers – Discover interesting places along your route.  Find historic or scenic points or favorite hotels and restaurants.  Simply enter in your route and the app will find you offbeat places to visit and things to see.

TV Food Maps – Are you a fan of Man vs. Food?  Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?  The Best Thing I Ever Ate?  Well, put in your route on this app and it will show you all the nearby restaurants that were featured on various TV Shows.  Visit some of the places that had your mouth watering at home!

Waze – An app updated by users.  See real time traffic, find the cheapest gas station on your route, know about cops, speed traps and accidents that will hold you up.



Christina Sammons is a Senior Recruiter with RCS Corporation.

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