At some point we have all dreaded that infamous interview question, “What is your greatest weakness?” How do you answer a question that could turn the entire interview in a horrible direction?

Try to follow these tips when developing your answer:

  • Be brief. Lingering on will only make the employer think more about your weakness.
  • Try to talk about a weakness that does not directly affect how you can handle the potential job. You don’t want the employer to think that you might buckle under pressure due to your weakness.
  • Don’t be generic. Pick a weakness that is tailored to your personality. Employers will know the difference.
  • Don’t discuss character flaws. There are just some weaknesses that employers cannot accept.
  • Show a weakness that you have overcome in a couple of situations. Employers want to see that you are consciously aware of that weakness and can grow from it.
  • Be ready with two weaknesses. Employers might want to throw you off and ask you to talk about more than what they think you prepared.
  • Never say that you don’t have a weakness, we all have weaknesses!

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